Philadelphia Plumbers of the North east

We had interviewed in the past the Philadelphia Plumbers of the northeast, Mcclain Bros and had gotten a look into what makes them tic.  Now we check in to see how things have shaken out since the beginning of the year.  We talk to the owner Mark and see what has come to pass as making our way into the new year and what lofty goals he has set for his company moving forward. read more…

Philadelphia Plumbers Serving Bucks County

bucks county plumberBucks County Plumbers at the Top of the Heap

We at jesco like to bring you the latest in Plumbing technology and the best of plumbing practices while providing you with sound advice. In doing so, we like to throw in a few reviews on local Plumbing companies that we feel fit the bill when it comes to best practices and getting the most value.

Plumbers in Bucks County

The list for this area is pretty extensive and can go on and on. We have picked the top 3 and discuss the what we like about each. Plumber Bucks County  @ will be our top choice, followed by Benjamin Franklin and then Carney. We have listed our likes and concerns below and this is just our opinion. read more…

Keeping the Pipes Running!

The cold is Coming…The Cold is Coming!

it’s that time of year again. The cold is coming!  That means broken pipes and the such.  What we will cover today are some basics of what you need to do to make sure your water keeps running.



Most problems in the winter months occur because people do not safe guard their water pipes.  What I am referring to is the water service or the pipes bringing the water into the house.  Most people have the pipes in basements or worse yet, crawl spaces.  This lead to unprotected pipes and freezing when the outside air temperature falls below freezing.  It’s a thought that often occurs late after the damage has occurred. read more…

7 tips to avoid a costly winter plumbing leaks

Leaks are mostly caused by erosion, which is common on old pipes, tear and wear of the pipes and broken seals. Repairing leaks is very expensive, especially during winter. So it is important to prevent them. In this article, we are going to discuss 7 tips to avoid a costly winter plumbing leaks to save you money.Plumber

1 – Insulate your pipes

Leaks may happen when pipes burst due to the expansion of water in them. And for you to prevent them from busting, you should insulate your pipes with the aim of preventing the pipes from freezing. So do not delay and insulate your pipes now, because this the one of the major causes of leaky pipes.

2 – Run hot water through the pipes regularly

leaky_pipesIf you want to prevent plumbing leaks, then you should regularly run hot water through the pipes, to melt freezing that is going on inside your pipes during winter. And also to erode gunk that causes erosion on your seals. Ensure that the water you are running through your pipes is very hot, so that there will be no traces of freezing left on your pipes.

3 – Regularly check your sump pump

The major functions of a sump pump are to ensure that excess water and moisture are filtered out of your home. But if it is not maintained properly, major leaks or flooding may result, because it will be backed up if it is not working properly. So do regular check ups on your sump pump to ensure that is activated and it is working properly as expected.

4 – Reduce water pressure

High water pressure stresses your pipes by making pipe joints, appliance valves and faucets to work harder. And this minimizes the life span of your plumbing, so it is important to minimize pressure. You can buy a hose bib gauge, attach it to an outside spigot, and then open the line. A reading of 40 and 85 psi indicates a normal pressure, but if the reading is too high, hire a plumber to install a pressure reducer

5 – Fix problems that arise quickly

leaking-pipeIf what you want is to reduce plumbing costs during winter seasons, then you need to take an immediate action if any problem arises before they worsen. Do not ignore small leaks, because they can make your pipes to corrode faster, encourage mold growth and cause water damage. So take some time and check for leaks and drips signs.

6 – Install flow sensors to detect plumbing leaks

Flow sensors are very important in detecting leaks and automatically shutting water to specific appliances or the whole house. You can get a flow sensor which is devoted to a specific appliance for about $75. Therefore, if you can afford them, purchase and hire a qualified plumbing technician to do the installation for you, so that you can start enjoying its benefits.

7 – Lose the outdoor hose during winter

It is important to disconnect, wrap up and store your garden hose during winter. This is because a hose can make your faucets to freeze, can connect your pipes and also make water left inside to freeze and expand causing leaks. So say no to hefty plumbing bills by losing your outdoor hose.emergency_plumbers_rockingham


For you to experience a winter that is full of warmth and joy, apply the above discussed tips to prevent a costly plumbing disaster that takes longer to repair. And if you experience any plumbing leaks, contact an emergency plumbing service that provides 24/7 services to resolve the problem quickly and prevent further damage.

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